Pilates Reformer Class Pilates Reformer Class

Reformer Classes

Reformer classes consist of up to 5 individuals with one trainer working on the Pilates Reformer.  The Reformer works the whole body from the inside out. Strengthening the core, arms, legs, back and hips.  See our class schedule for levels and times. We highly recommend starting with the Introductory Private Special of 2 Privates for only $99 before entering any class. 

We offer a variety of class options to keep things fun, safe and challenging for you! 

  • -  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Reformer 

  • -  Jump! Reformer - incorporating the jump board for a leg, core and cardio blast! 

  • -  Pre and Post Natal Reformer - check out schedule for the latest schedule 

  • -  Combo classes - we love to use the reformer with other pieces of equipment

TRX Class TRX Class

TRX Classes

Consisting of two straps anchored to the ceiling, the TRX allows you to utilize your own body weight to build strength, stability, balance and power. The amount of resistance is up to you and where you position your body. Many Pilates exercises can be done utilizing the TRX to assist the movement or resist it making it harder. A very fun class to change up any routine. (Please no active injuries for this class.) Class is limited to 4 people to ensure safety and space.  Please bring tennis shoes.  See our class schedule.

Mat Class Mat Class

Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates Mat classes focus on developing core strength (abdominals, back, hips) and flexibility through matching breath with movement. Classes are done on Pilates mats on the floor using one's body weight to strengthen, lengthen and tone the core.  We offer a mixed level class so all are welcome with options given to modify or increase the challenge. See our class schedule.


Chair Classes Image Chair Classes Image

Chair Classes

The Exo chair is a classic Pilates wunda chair redesigned incorporating resistance bands.  The resistance bands add more upper body work and variety to a classic chair routine, making it an even more functional workout! The chair springs are the heaviest springs in the studio so students must have previous Pilates experience.  Up to 3 students per class.  See class schedule.

Pre and Post Natal Reformer Class Image Pre and Post Natal Reformer Class Image

Pre and Post Natal Reformer Class

We continually offer Prenatal and Postnatal Reformer classes at Awaken based on demand.  The Reformer is a great way to stay connected to your core during pregnancy as well as rehab your body after delivery.  We're happy to add classes when and where needed to accommodate new mothers... just ask!

Tom McCook Workshop Tom McCook Workshop


We host 1-2 continuing education workshops per year.  Join our mailing list if you'd like to know about these opportunities!